We at Emmanuel Baptist Church believe

that we are to duplicate the things done by the LORD – without change!  The Bible plan is for missionaries to be financially supported, prayed for, and sent out by New Testament Baptist churches – the Word of God knows no other way!  Churches start churches.

At the conclusion of His earthly ministry, the Lord Jesus Christ commissioned the church to spread the good news of the finished work of redemption.  The Lord’s churches should always have His last command as their primary “mission.” We want to do all we can to carry out the Great Commission given to us by the Lord in Matthew 28:16-20.  We believe that missions is the heart-beat of the church. Someone once said - “A missionary is God’s child in God’s place doing God’s work in God’s way in God’s power for God’s glory.”

At Emmanuel we support missionaries all over the world of like faith and practice both financially and prayerfully.  We currently support 19 missions projects all the while keeping an emphasis upon Dexter and the surrounding area.  Acts 1:8 tells us that we are to be witnesses  in all the world as well as at home and we are to do this ‘both’ at the same time.