On Sunday,

if you decide to visit at Emmanuel Baptist, you will first of all know that you are our honored guest. You will be greeted and given a visitor card to fill out so that we can have a record of your visit. The services begin with congregational singing. We use only hymnbook music in all of our services and our specials consist of conservative songs that uplift and emphasize the Person of Jesus Christ, not the performance or performer. We have found this to be the music that God has blessed. All those that sing specials are members, involved in our church, and are faithful to services having a good testimony for their Lord.

Though we love singing, the preaching of God's Word is still the main focus of all our services. It is indeed His Word that changes lives. There will always be a timely message from God's Word each service with the intent of helping Christians grow in their walk with Christ as well as a plea for the lost to trust Christ as their Saviour.

We also provide a Junior Church for those 11 years of age and under as well as a clean and caring nursery. This will allow you to listen and focus on the preaching without distraction.